Here’s the deal, not everyone is a master carpenter or a DIY expert that can turn an old stump into an heirloom rocking chair. But one thing’s for sure, everyone needs a basic toolbox to house their various gadgets that take care of those quick repairs and simple home projects. Lucky for us, Toyo’s Camber Tool Box is there to wrangle whatever you’re tinkering with around the home. Whether it’s a set of Craftsman hardy tools, miscellaneous gadgets, or your prized art set, Toyo’s steel toolbox can handle it with ease.


  • Super strong stainless steel construction is built from a single sheet of steel
  • Minimalist, sleek design looks great and adds a touch of modern style
  • Lightweight and compact size won’t be a burden to carry around
  • Made in Osaka, Japan
  • 8 x 4 x 2in

T-190 Mini Tool Box - Red

$43.00 CAD