black spruce
forest cedar
nootka cypress
spiced cones
red cedarwood


To make it smell like a Christmas Tree if you don't have Christmas Tree - or even if you do!

From Durga: The 2021 edition of our Portable Xmas tree is very different from last year's. The starring role of this year goes to black spruce oil from Canada. It is very fine, earthy, and woodier than pine oils. The spruce is mixed with various proportions of pine absolute, needles, and distilled cedar. No fir this year. To bring the yuletide spirit I added some delicate spices – soft red cinnamon & piney cardamom. Finally vanillic pinebark and rare smoky nootka cypress deepen the bouquet.

D.S. & Durga Candles burn for roughly 60 hours, please reuse the heavyweight glass tumbler when you are done burning your candle. 

Portable Xmas Tree - Soy Candle