We hear it all the time. I love my sunglasses, but I always lose them, Craighill is not the first company to produce an eyewear chain, however they are the first to do it right, with impeccable execution that'll have you wondering how you ever lived without them. It elevates the simple accessory to a piece of functional jewelry that's both beautiful and extremely useful. Made from stainless steel Milanese mesh chain — a fascinating material commonly found in watch bands — the Eyewear Chain is equipped with silicone loops that secure your frames and allow you to smoothly adjust the chain to your desired length.

The chain can also be used with AirPods, another extremely lose-able object!

  • 15” x 0.44” x 0.25
  • Adjustable length
  • Use with sunglasses or AirPods 
  • 0.49 oz
  • Stainless steel Milanese mesh chain
  • Silicone loops

Eyewear Chain - Black