Craighill designed their wine key in collaboration with sommelier André Hueston Mack, the result is outstanding. The Best Wine Key is more than a hunk of articulated steel with a boastful name. It’s the final answer to a longstanding question: how do I get this wine out of this bottle? While having a satisfying, tactile feel in-hand, the wine key has other things going for it as well. It has a foil knife precisely angled to keep the serrated blade on task as it makes its rounds, and the ratcheted swingarm mechanism transforms the once tedious chore of cork extraction into a smooth, satisfying ritual. 

Pairs best with wine. 

  • 4.6" x 1.5" x 0.6"
  • 4.6 oz
  • Stainless steel body and corkscrew with stonewash finish
  • Matte red PPE scales with dimpled texture
  • Ratcheting mechanism allows easy extraction of corks of any length
  • Folding serrated blade for cutting foil
  • Crown cap bottle opener
  • Ratcheting arm locks in both open and closed position

Best Wine Key