For a lot of people, umbrellas come and go like the wind. Kidnapped by coffee shops and taxis, snapped by huge gusts, forever “borrowed” by unprepared friends. But ask a Westerly user and they’ll tell you that they won’t be leaving their umbrella behind anytime soon. Westerly umbrellas offer a number of styles for different functionality, and always in a variety of wild patterns and classic colour ways. From the packable go-anywhere Drifter to the high-end traditional Commander, these umbrellas feature premium maple handles, full fibreglass reinforced frames, lightweight design…these are umbrellas your grandkids will feel good about inheriting.

Commander Umbrella - Malbec

Westerly Goods

$99.00 CAD

Drifter Umbrella - Midnight

Westerly Goods


$45.00 CAD