• Mahana - Solid Cologne
  • Mahana - Solid Cologne

    Mahana - Solid Cologne

    Fulton & Roark

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    Inspired by the hike to Papkolea, a green sand beach near the Southern-most point of the  Big Island of Hawaii, Mahana celebrates the fresh air, verdant hills and driftwood of this remarkable place. With notes of Pomelo, Coriander and fresh green leaves, Mahana is clean, light and remarkably approachable.


    Born out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Fulton & Roark began with a series of solid colognes designed to integrate seamlessly into everyday life. Since then, they have made it their mission to make grooming a pleasure.


    • Lasts roughly 6-8 months with everyday use
    Last 6-8 hours after applying
    • Refillable 
    • Perfect for travel