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Over 100 years ago, a chicken’s foot sat on the office desk of William J. Riley. He was inspired by a chicken’s perfect balance to create flexible arch support with three support points. It is believed it was this chicken that inspired Riley to name his blossoming footwear company ‘New Balance.’  You’re probably much more familiar with the New Balance of today. Healthy comfort, excellent design, and reliable efficiency are still key aspects of their collections, and you can’t help but recognize over 100 years of inspiration and mythos. From style classics such as the 998’s and 990’s, with recent styles falling under their Made in the USA collection, it’s easy to see New Balance sticking around for another 100 years. However, we should never forget that all this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the courageous chicken that sacrificed their foot to inspire a young Bill Riley. Thank you brave chicken.